Friday, 27 February 2015

Weight loss update 4

I've reached a new milestone today. I have now lost over 25 kg since 1 January; 25.8 kg actually, which puts me about half-way towards my goal:

And, for the first time, I'm staring down my shame and publishing the actual values here. On 1 January, I weighed 142.6 kg. Today, I weigh 116.8 kg. My target is 90 kg, at which point I'll work out what I want to do next based on how I feel about my appearance.

Weight loss has settled down to an average of 2.1 kg per week, consistent over the last 2 weeks and over the last 4 weeks. This lines up well with my rough prediction of 2.5 kg per week based on my daily intake, daily activity and my last-measured resting metabolic rate. Some of my readers will understand how happy it makes me that the experimental data is matching the prediction from the model so well.

I'm still using races against historical data to keep me focused and motivated. Every day or two I lovingly examine the graphs, turning them over in my mind. Here's me beating my previous journey down to 120 kg:

And now here's me racing against two previous campaigns to reach 110 kg:

(The different shapes of the graphs reflect weekly weighings in the past versus the daily weighings I do now.)

The 2011 data I'm racing here was part of a longer campaign and so doesn't include the rapid drop that the start of a campaign always includes. The 2012 data includes such a drop though, and beating that will be difficult in the first week of March.  

If I can maintain my current rate of loss, I will reach my 90 kg target at the end of May. Therefore, in April, I will need to firm up plans for the weight-maintenance project that will follow this weight-loss project at its successful conclusion.

For now, I am starting to think about what form of sport or physical recreation might appeal to me more than 3AM gym visits. Ideas so far include dance and renaissance fencing. If dance, then Latin (there seems to be many options in Brisbane) or flamenco interest me. I've also returned to the notion of cycling to work as an option for the cooler 6 months of the year. All this is still months away, but I'm keen to hear people's experiences with (or interest in) any of the things I've named, or other ideas I might not have yet considered.

Charts again by the Highcharts Cloud tool, which I love.

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