Thursday, 12 February 2015

Weight loss update 3

I've reached a new milestone today. I have now lost 20 kg since 1 January:

Divisions represent 5-kg intervals.

I'll admit that I've found the last few weeks a bit discouraging and frustrating. Of course, the rate of weight loss has tapered off a bit. Knowing from experience to expect this has certainly helped cushion the disappointment though.

To help keep me motivated, I'm also tracking my progress against a past weight-loss campaign from September 2010. I've transposed my data from then onto a 2015 calendar so I can compare my efforts:

Intervals here represent 2.5 kg. The different shapes of the curves come from weekly weighings in 2010 compared to daily weighings today. The 2010 curve includes the lowest point I reached on that particular campaign. But in 2015, I plan to go far, far beyond there. When I do, I'll create a new "race" using data from a different campaign (and then try to beat it, both in absolute terms and in rate-of-loss).

Staying ahead of my past self certainly helps stay on track :)

Charts again by the Highcharts Cloud tool, which I love.

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