Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In which countries were aeroplanes first developed?

This is a chronological list of the first powered, person-carrying aeroplanes flown in various countries that were built by citizens of those countries. For example, it excludes the work of Alberto Santos-Dumont (a Brazilian, the first person to build and fly an aeroplane in France). I’m also confining the list to flights whose historicity is not in question (so I don’t include the work of Pearse or Whitehead). In particular, I’m looking for countries around the world in which a locally built plane flew prior to World War I.

I’m surprised I haven’t been able to find a list quite like this already in existence. Additions and corrections welcome.

1. USA

17 December 1903
Orville Wright
Wright Flyer I

2. France

30 March 1907
Henry Voisin
Voisin-Farman I

3. Denmark

late 1907
Jacob Ellehammer
Ellehammer triplane

4. UK

8 June 1908
Alliott Verdon Roe
Roe I biplane

5. Germany

28 October 1908
Hans Grade
Grade triplane

6. Italy

13 January 1909
Aristide Faccioli
Faccioli triplane

7. Austria-Hungary

20 July 1909
Igo Etrich
Etrich Sperber

8. Canada

11 August 1909
John McCurdy
Baddeck No.1

9. Switzerland

17 December 1909
Armand Dufaux
Dufaux 4

10. Russia

23 May 1910
Aleksandr Sergeyevich Kudashev
Kudashev 1

11. Poland

June 1910
Stefan Kozlowski
Kozlowski biplane

12. Australia

16 July 1910
John Duigan
Duigan biplane

13. Uruguay

26 August 1910
Martínez Velazco
Escofet II

14. Sweden

16 October 1910
Hjalmar Nyrop
Ask-Nyrop Grässhoppan

15. Japan

5 May 1911
Sanji Narahara
Narahara No.2

16. Mexico

29 May 1912
Juan Guillermo Villasana

17. Spain

22 June 1914
Heraclio Alfaro-Fournier
Alfaro I

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