Sunday, 14 May 2017

7 Days of Soul: Makeover Mojo

For day 2 of Alexi Panos' 7 Days of Soul challenge, we had to change something about the way we present physically, externally in the world.

Again, I thought about the future, better self I'd been led to imagine during life coaching -- and what that self would wear, even around the house (it’s a Sunday after all).

I don’t even own clothes entirely like what I pictured, but I dressed as close as I could, which was dressier than what I would normally have done. And I pampered myself by breaking out a more “special occasions” shampoo and shower gel.

It felt good to wear “nicer” clothes, and ones more aligned to my future vision. And I got compliments from my family :)

It reminded me of my last big wardrobe makeover: when I needed new clothes after losing a lot of weight (63kg, 139lb). That time, the transformation focused on my work and university attire, but I never carried it through into my home life. Today taught me that I could benefit from going further with that transformation.

So, the lessons of the last two days: eat and dress like that imagined better self, to facilitate becoming that self. This reminds me a bit of method acting!!!

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