Saturday, 23 April 2016

Weight loss update 12

This morning I’m really excited to report passing two new milestones!

First, at 82.1 kg, my BMI (Body–Mass Index) is now 24.2 kg/m2. And, going on BMI alone, that means that for the first time in my adult life (and, probably, the first time since infancy), I am not overweight! (The threshold, by definition, is 25.0 kg/m2). Now, I’m fully aware that there are all kinds of problems with what BMI gets used for1, but this still feels like a significant achievement for me and I’m revelling in it.

The second milestone is that I have now passed the 60-kg mark; having shed a total of 60.5kg now!

The target remains at 80kg, which I should hit within the next week or two. At that point, I’ll need to create a new strategy. I’ll get a body composition scan to find out just how much fat is left on my body and choose a new target based on that number rather than just on overall bodyweight.

I’m also not that much closer to making a maintenance plan. I guess I’ll know just how quickly I need that once I get the body composition done.

1 Take a look at: 
for just a start on the subject


  1. Amazing result Rudy! Inspires me to try to lose my extra 20kgs!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, there's no secret here but sheer bloody-mindedness! (Probably enough of a revelation for a self-help book there though...)