Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Weight loss update 10 -- primary target achieved!

On January 1 this year, I weighed 142.6kg, and set myself the goal of losing weight until I got down to 90kg, then reappraising. This morning, I hit that target!

I weigh myself in the mornings, straight after exercise, and I’m aware that this number represents a low—I have an empty stomach and am a little dehydrated. Still, these are the same conditions under which I’ve weighed myself all the way down here.

A few months ago, I started thinking about what I would do at this point, and resolved to lose another 8kg from here. That’s still the plan. I’ve also had a series of bioelectrical impedance measurements over the last few months.

The most recent of these, on September 7, showed a body fat mass of 16.5kg, in a test that considers a range from 8.9kg to 17.7kg as normal for a male my age and height. I’ll have another scan in another couple of weeks and see how that number has moved.

In general, I’m getting pretty happy with the way I look, and in turn, I’m feeling a lot more self-confident. I don’t like how soft my midriff still is, but I wonder if that’s even correctable without surgery now. (And that’s a step I’m not willing to contemplate, at least not right now.)

So, the plan for the next 8kg is:
  • continue to restrict calories as severely as I can
  • continue cycling as my main means of transportation (this is a given now, anyway...)
  • continue at the gym, Mondays to Fridays: 30 minutes running on treadmill, plus a circuit of weights machines
  • continue Wednesday afternoon aerobics with the Medibank Feel Good program, and add Thursday afternoon Zumba there in November when uni finishes
  • continue my Saturday morning routine of cycling, ParkRun, and Zumba
  • continue Sunday morning long bike rides, replacing my cruiser bike for a road bike for this use-case as soon as possible. When that happens, I’ll also finally take the plunge into the exciting world of lycra.
  • learn to swim, and see if I enjoy that (that’s the other skill many people picked up in childhood that I don’t have)
And then reappraise how I look at 82kg! At that point, I might consider some personal training to build core strength: something I know is a current weakness.

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