Saturday, 9 May 2015

Weight loss update 6

So today, I passed my next weight loss milestone: I have lost 40kg since January 1 (40.9 to be exact). I now weigh 101.7kg. With a BMI of 30.0m/kg2, it also means that I am no longer obese by definition. I have not weighed so little since a few weeks in 2008, then a few weeks in 2005.  Right now, I'm feeling pretty chuffed. I'm still hoping to hit my "get here and re-appraise" goal of losing 52kg by sometime in early July.

The service  that I used to do pretty graphs in previous posts (Highcharts) has changed its business model slightly, so I don't have these ready yet. I'll update when I do, but sorry for the wall of text in the meantime.

Maintenance-plan wise, I've discovered at least one form of physical recreation that I enjoy: Zumba! I attended a series of free classes run by the  Medibank Feel Good Program at Southbank in March–April, enjoyed them, and today attended one that was a Brisbane City Council Active Parks event. It's not something I would do for its own sake, but as part of a strategy to stay in shape, I find it agreeable enough to continue with.

I've also joined Parkrun and completed two 5-km runs on consecutive Saturdays. Again, this is not something I'd do for its own sake, but striving to beat a personal best time does appeal to me. And again, this is something I could imagine myself doing post-weight-loss.

Finally, I'm learning to ride a bike. The results so far suggest to me that riding to work, at least in the Winter months, is a realistic goal. Initially, I believed that balance would be the big obstacle, but this didn't turn out to be a big problem for me. After an hour, I could confidently balance on the bike and control it while it rolled down a grassy incline. After another hour-long session today, I can steer and pedal as well (all still on grass).

So, the maintenance plan for July and beyond now looks like this:

  • After I hit my initial goal weight, I will continue aggressively losing weight on the current scheme for a while longer. I'm thinking the final target should be around the 82kg mark, a loss of 60kg, because:
    • I know that the weights I measure at the moment are my body empty of food, and somewhat dehydrated. I know that normal amounts of food and fluid add something like 2kg–3kg to my weight on the scales.
    • I want to create a 5kg buffer zone within which I will maintain my weight. 
  • I will continue daily weighings. If my weight ever reaches 90kg, I will embark on the same aggressive weight loss programme that has been so successful for me this year until I drive my weight back down to 82kg.
  • I will eat according to a 5:2 plan, which worked for me in late 2014 to arrest weight gain.
  • I will discontinue daily gym visits, but I will: 
    • continue with Parkrun
    • look for a Zumba class to continue with
    • buy a bicycle and use it for my daily commute to work, at least in Winter. 
    • maintain my gym membership so that if I need it for a future rapid weight-loss program, it's there, in place and ready to go.
    • continue exploring new forms of physical recreation in case I ever do find something I like enough to do for its own sake. 
  • Continually revisit and adjust this plan as necessary
I will have no idea how well this will work until after I go ahead and do it.

But today, I am happy with how far I've come so far.

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